The Empowered Soul - PRIVATE COACHING

One-on-one coaching with Ben Grant Mitchell (INCLUDES custom coaching recordings)

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This PRIVATE COACHING — which includes your own Personalised Affirmations Theta Hypnosis custom coaching recording — is perfect for you if:

You KNOW the time is NOW to get super focussed on manifesting your DREAM LIFE

You want to feel more joy, more love, more happiness, more confidence and more connected

You are ready to reprogram you subconscious mind for new levels of SUCCESS in all areas of your life

You want an effective tool to tap into the MOST EMPOWERED part of you anytime

You are ready to free yourself from all forms of self-sabotage and self-limiting beliefs and be truly EMPOWERED

You weant to learn how to apply SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN tools to upgrade your subconscious mind

You are ready to HAVE constant access to EMPOWERED THOUGHT

You have decided it is time to let the past be done—and are ready to consciously create your best future TODAY!

One-on-one coaching

We'll have 2X video consults of one hour each per week together to amplify the powerful manifestation energy you are already using and to focus it on your dream life.

I will also give you unique and empowering tools and strategies to implement during the time between each of our private Zoom consults.

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You get your own CUSTOM coaching recording INCLUDED

I created the P.A.T.H. technology based on scientifcally proven facts of the power of the subconscious mind to be influenced by theta waves, binaural beats, personalised affirmations and repetition.

Included in your Empowered Soul Coaching is a uniquely personalised audio recording which you can use for powerfully reprogramming your subconscious mind during and way beyond our private sessions.

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Unlock the secrets of sound power

These transformational frequency recordings, and the techniques outlined in the support material supplied, are included to aid your continual and constant empowered state. I will teach you how to apply The Ten Healing Frequencies to your meditation, affirmation, yoga, breathwork and mindfulness practice to breakthrough any former limitations.

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Live your BEST life

During your Empowered Soul Coaching my focus is on empowering you with the tools and strategies to enable you to not only access your most empowered life but to live that life daily by having a variety of methods for you to easily implement.

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INCLUDES custom P.A.T.H. recording (Personalised Affirmations Theta Hypnosis) - yours to keep (and use) forever!

INCLUDES 8 X One Hour PRIVATE COACHING with course coach and P.A.T.H. creator, Ben Grant Mitchell

INCLUDES 'The Sound Empowerment Pack', with The 10 Healing Frequencies mp3s + One Hour of Sound Empowerment mp3 + ‘Sound Empowerment - Guide Book’ ebook + 'How To Live The Law of Attraction - 10 Secrets of Manifesting With Affirmations’ + 'Physical Healing' Binaural Affirmations Meditation + 'Winning The Day' Binaural Affirmations Meditation

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The TOOLS to get and KEEP you right on track!

Sound Empowerment is a NEW practice of combining positive affirmations with healing frequencies, both scientifically proven to enhance the minds ability to adopt new empowering beliefs. Included with your coaching are all these amazing audio files—and more—to keep you right on track.

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Tony Robbins' mentor said it best!

We can all dig a little deeper, right? And come up with some more gold. Focussing on ourselves and liberating the infinite power within is the path to dreams coming true. I love this quote below about self development from the man who taught Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn...

“Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work hard on your job you can make a living, but if you work hard on yourself you'll make a fortune.” ― Jim Rohn

Hi, I'm Ben.

I’m here to help you get where you’re going and what you want by amplifying the empowered thoughts, words and actions you already think, say and do.

You’ve got the vision and the power within; I’m simply here to focus the light on how amazing you already are—and how bright your future is.

I’m a mindset coach, musician, yoga practitioner and father. In 2020 I qualified as a Freedom From Self Sabotage coach.

Everything I’ve learned and all my skills have given me a unique formula for empowering transformations.

Any questions please reach out to me anytime at ben (at)

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Empower yourself with this PRIVATE COACHING for a ONE TIME investment of $4000 (Australian Dollars). INCLUDES custom coaching recordings and all BONUS COACHING AUDIO FILES.

NB. 4 x $1000 payment plan option available at next screen.

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