Experience your perfect weight now...

...without struggle—by reprogramming your subconscious mind with special healing frequency Binaural Affirmation Meditation audio recordings.

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LET GO of weight (we don't say 'weight loss'!) without struggle

Empower POSITIVE physical change at the mental/emotional level

Includes SELF-LOVE, SELF-ACCEPTANCE affirmations and visualisations

'WEIGHT LOSS' frequencies of 285Hz, 396Hz (Root Chakra) and 639Hz (Heart Chakra)

Theta wave binaural beat for enhanced adoption of new empowering beliefs

Delta wave binaural beat for deep relaxed and receptive state

INCLUDES 6-Week 'My Perfect Weight Now' guided PROGRAM

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Sounds of Self-Love & Acceptance

One of the most popular and successful leaders in self-empowerment, Louise Hay used to say that every issue, including being overweight, is an issue with self-love.

When we fail to love ourselves exactly as we are we create ‘problems’ for ourselves. When we love ourselves, truly, deeply, completely, we only create good for ourselves. And that good includes being our perfect weight now.

Your perfect weight is your natural weight.

And being your natural, perfect weight is as simple as loving yourself. And accepting yourself right now. Because self-love is where everything good starts.

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Binaural beats

Binaural beats enhance the minds ability to adopt new empowering beliefs. They do this by entraining the mind with a slightly different frequency in each ear. The mind then perceives, or ‘locks on’ to that frequency.

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Delta does it!

The binaural beat in the 285Hz recording is in the range of the Delta Brain Wave which is when we are in deep sleep. During the Delta frequency we reconnect with the Universal Energy Field, which provides all the energy we need to repair and revitalise our body and mind.

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Theta connection!

The binaural beat in the 396Hz and 639Hz recording is in the range of the Theta Brain Wave which is when we are most receptive to subconscious reprogramming. During the Theta Brain Wave frequency we reconnect with the infinite intelligence within, the life force which gave us life and knows exactly what to do to bring us back to perfect balance.

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Positive Subconscious

Positive affirmations work on our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between ‘imagined’ or fictional reality and ‘actual’ reality. By repetition, and concentrating our feelings on the affirmation, the subconscious mind adopts new empowering thoughts and beliefs as fact.

This is so helpful because in our daily life the subconscious mind is in control of up to 97% of our behaviour!! That includes our habitual eating and exercise (or not!) behaviours. Listening to positive weight and health affirmations is a proven way to invite positive change into our lives now.

Affirmations & frequencies for...

Trusting the body and being grateful

Healthy eating

Feeling secure, safe and grounded

Liberating fear, guilt and anxiety

Self-love and self-acceptance

Living your dream life with your dream body

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Magic weight loss potion

The amazing benefits of this audio is that it includes all these technologies in one. The binaural beats, brain wave frequency and positive affirmations combine together to supercharge weight loss and laser focus the mind on total self-acceptance and on being ‘my perfect weight now’.

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Bonus mp3s INCLUDED

This SPECIAL introductory offer includes 2 X 60 minute bonus recordings of a 'mix-tape' version which includes all 3 individual frequencies, one after the other, AND a subliminal version—with the affirmations at a low level only the subconscious mind perceives—as well.

SPECIAL introductory price!

For a short time ONLY get...

✅ All 6 high quality mp3 downloads — over 3 hours of empowering audio ($600 VALUE) — to keep forever PLUS...

✅ Private one-on-one coaching call to support your weight loss transformation ($500 VALUE) PLUS...

✅ Complete access to the My Perfect Weight Now 6-Week Program ($1200 VALUE) PLUS...

✅ BONUS of joining 2 LIVE Guided Meditations with Healing Frequencies each week (12 private group Zooms VALUED over $840)

✅ BONUS access to The Fortune Frequency Forum (includes courses VALUED over $2222)

OVER $5,300 VALUE...for only $1,200 (Australian Dollars)!!!


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BONUS 6-Week Program!

NEW to this amazing offer is a guided program which makes it super easy for you to get the results you seek. Listen online or to your downloaded mp3s and get support for your life-changing 6-week transformation.


1. 'Let Go & Trust' 285Hz X 20 minute DELTA brain wave with affirmations

2. 'Feeling Secure' 396Hz 20 minute THETA brain wave with affirmations

3. 'Self Love' 639Hz 20 minute THETA brain wave with affirmations

4. 60 minute COMBINATION with all three brain wave + frequencies back to back

5. 60 minute COMBINATION SUBLIMINAL with all three brain wave + frequencies back to back

6. BONUS 'Your New Story' 20 Minute binaural affirmation meditation



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