How To Live The Law of Attraction

10 Secrets of Manifesting With Affirmations


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$55 VALUE only $35!

24 minute audio book + FREE eBook

Includes AUDIO BOOK (24 minutes) and eBook

Learn the 10 powerful affirmation secrets to manifesting with the law of attraction

Discover how to change your immediate environment to supercharge your manifestation power

Explore the universal principles that Louise Hay, Stuart Wilde, Abraham Hicks and many more have written and spoke on for decades, primarily that 'Beliefs are simply thoughts repeatedly held and thoughts can be changed'

Get it now and start listening (or reading) straight away!

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Listen to the secrets — and powerful healing frequencies!

Download 'How To Live The Law of Attraction' NOW and you can be listening while you work, rest or play.

PLUS, as you listen your subconscious mind experiences the healing properties of 10 magnificent 'healing frequencies' to remove blocks and liberate energy towards the creation of your dream life.

Or if you prefer to read then included with the AUDIO version is an eBook (pdf) version.

Listen while you work, rest or play your way to your dream life!

That's right ONLY $35

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The 10 Healing Frequencies

The 10 Healing Frequencies

A 'virtual tuning fork' bundle of The 10 Healing Frequencies. Includes high quality mp3 file versions, each 15 minutes long.
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Sound Empowerment Pack

Sound Empowerment Pack

Includes 'One Hour of Sound Empowerment' featuring The 10 Healing Frequencies to empower your meditation, affirmation, yoga and mindfulness practice + MORE bonus files.
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My Perfect Weight Now

My Perfect Weight Now

Special audio recordings to reprogram your subconscious mind for weight loss. Empower your perfect weight now with these binaural affirmation meditations with healing frequencies.
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